Google Comments and SideWiki

Google just might save the internet.  There has been a real problem for a long time with content mills publishing tons of pages with inaccurate information.  A keyword or topic becomes a little popular, and thousands of pages proliferate.  Out of those, only a few actually have what the searcher is looking for, and yet the bogus sites were ranking higher than the accurate ones.

Now, with the advent of comments and Sidewiki, readers can comment on whether or not the page was helpful or accurate.  They can give feedback that isn’t dependent on the site owners, just by Google’s moderators.  So now, here and there, comments are starting to pop up.

I encourage you to use the features.  Now, you don’t have to sit in silence while people who don’t know what they’re talking about hijack your topic, plaigarize, or otherwise muck up the internet with what’s basically just spam.  If you have Google Toolbar, click the Sidewiki and comment on any page you come across, to leave positive or negative feedback.

Just remember, when leaving negative feedback, keep it respectful no matter how much you feel like cursing.  If it’s abused, we might lose this valuable tool.

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