New Way to Promote Your Handmade Items

Hand Made at Money's MamaIn an effort to help artists who are trying to sell on eBid, EtsyeCrater, and other online venues stand out from the crowd, Money’s has opened an area of their site to artists. is a new blog where artists can register and post about their wares.  All you need to do is register, log in, and post as if you were making a normal post in your own blog.  You can post photos, descriptions, and links to your eBay, Etsy, or gallery listings, and it’s all 100% free.

If you’re not so good at using text editors or html, you can contact the webmaster to make a post for you.  Just use the contact form and send the URL to your listing or store, and she’ll hook you up.

It’s really difficult to beat out the mass produced competition nowadays as far as search attention, but many people prefer to buy handmade.  Aside of the ethical issues of not wanting to support sweatshops, handmade items tend to be more meaningful, and can be custom made and therefore unique.  Many people enjoy wearing something that not everyone else in the world has.

Artists often get discouraged, and this is a bad thing.  There are so many potential customers out there who would value their work, but just don’t know that they have the options.  So they settle for less beautiful, less unique items because they don’t think they really have a choice.  Handmade at Money’s Mama wants to change that.  The idea is to get more eyes on more artists’ work so that everybody gets what they really want.

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