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Articles For Links

Here’s our current list of sites where you can post educational articles in exchange for links back to your site or course.  It’s a great way to build traffic.  Sometimes the agreement is that you publish the article for “public” use so long as the secondary publisher also posts your article with the link and proper credit.  Sometimes the sites are information communities, and readers can’t copy your articles, but they’re likely to refer to them if the site is known as a credible source.  If you do it right, it’s a really good way to get the word out about your expertise and your site.

Basic membership allows you 10 submissions.  If they like your work, you can qualify for a higher level but paid membership.  You can only have text in your articles, so they’re good for general information articles, advice, tips, recipes, and other things for which it isn’t necessary to have images.

Basic membership allows you unlimited submissions, but each one is reviewed.  If they get the impression that you’re spamming them (submitting more than 5 articles per day or however many that are drivel) then you’re done.  So use it wisely, and don’t post mini-articles with very little content.  Make them worth reading.  This site is also text only.

Their web address looks a bit gimmicky, but they are not.  They’re a well established article and link library that keeps it simple but useful.  No permission is given for others to republish your articles.  You can post a small image with each article.

Articles Heaven
This is a large article base, and though it’s not very pretty, it’s very useful.  Publishers looking for articles to republish can find yours easily by searching or browsing, without so many bells and whistles that can mess up formatting.  Articles should be text only.

If your topic has something to do with self improvement, you can post articles here.  No republishing permission.  Articles should be in text.

Here, you can submit articles for republishing.  They have a neat little copy and paste box where people can copy your articles exactly as they are in HTML, which makes it much easier than some other sites.  Because it’s easier for webmasters and bloggers, it’s a good way to become well known in a short time.  Articles should be in text.

This is more than an articles site.  It’s a writers’ community.  People can post informative articles, opinions, and photo galleries quickly and easily.  You can have multiple photos in your articles, and bonus, they do revenue sharing.  So if you’re an Amazon.com, Google Adsense, and/or Ebay associate/affiliate already, you just jack your account into your Hubpages account, and you get a cut of whatever they earn from hosting your articles.

Got an article site?  Write us to get included on this list.  Your article base must not accept spam articles.  If I go to your site and see articles that are just ads for casinos or whatever magic pill, you will not be included.

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