‘The Matrix’ Was A Trans Allegory All Along, Confirms Co-Creator Lilly Wachowski | HuffPost

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Here is a wonderful middle finger to all the bigoted jerks running around calling yourselves “red pill”. It was not about you. It was never about you. Your colonized, overly repressive, mindless authoritarianism is the matrix.

“I’m glad that it has gotten out that that was the original intention,” Wachowski said.

Source: ‘The Matrix’ Was A Trans Allegory All Along, Confirms Co-Creator Lilly Wachowski | HuffPost

Dating Apps Are Dead And So Are Many Who Used Them


Almost everybody single or poly or on the d/l tried them. Most of the women had the same bad experiences, just some more or some less. A scant few had got lucky and had good experiences. Yet no matter how the companies tried to play with who initiated or how, and whether or not someone could report bad behavior after the fact, nothing could be done about the raw material. The same guys using the dating apps are the same…

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Hello Again World! 2020 Update

Welcome to Game for Girls, the blog for the diamonds strewn throughout the broken glass. Periodically, I’ll be posting articles relevant to us.  Feel free to comment, or if you do it enough, you can post articles yourself. G4G 2020 As 2019 draws to a close, I thought that it’s about time to update the site with what I and others in my circle of webmasters, spiritual counselors, and opinionated friends around the world have learned since 2008. I first…

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What Does It Mean When Your “F***buddy” Wants to Cuddle? – Mamasan Does Quora

It means they’re either not from the U.S. or they’re sending mixed signals. The “fuckbuddy” thing is something cooked up by uncultured (or decultured actually) people in the States who constantly posture to see how well they can mimic sociopathic behavior without actually being sociopaths. They view being devoid of emotion and extremely selfish and individualistic as a good or protective thing. So hypocritically, they will seek the stimulation, ego gratification, or social validation of sex with other people, but…

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G4G’s Guide to Vaping for Women

Art on my clearomizers

E cigarettes or vaporizers are gaining popularity as a lesser evil compared to smoking.  They make a water vapor instead of smoke, but it’s thick enough that you can still make “smoke” rings with it.  It’s less disturbing to non smokers around you, smells a lot more pleasant, and though it’s still not 100% safe, it is considerably less toxic.  Though the research still hasn’t proven so, it will probably also age you less quickly because of lower toxicity, less…

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Feed Your Man: Fast Food Favorites but Healthier

Burger and Chips

Most men have some sort of fast food that they like.  If we let them, they would eat themselves to death, not to mention, blow their budget on the stuff.  So it’s a good idea to learn how to make these things at home to give them a treat without sending them to an early grave. Standard Hamburgers So let’s start with burgers.  The standard burger is about 100-150 grams.  To make a family batch of burgers, you’d normally use:…

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