Black Women Are Sluts?

We’ve all heard the saying to be careful what you wish for. Awhile ago, Washington DC area blogger Roissy (now the blog is called Chateau Heartiste) was gloating over being mentioned in a newspaper. His fame brought some of his more choice words to the attention of, a popular women’s zine.

The post that got their attention was, It’s Easy to Identify a Slut in which one of his “tells” is that the woman is Black.

He bases this on his (unverifiable and extremely unlikely) “personal experience” and that of his “friends” who are, for the most part irl incels, basement neckbeards, and unhappily married people whose claim to fame on the internet are changing the definition of “troll” from hit-and-run jokester to obsessive barnacle on the ass of any discussion venue that triggers their self pity 15+ years ago. Yeah, they’re mostly old as me and older.

Batman Slaps Robin for Weight Concern TrollingTo be fair, unlike the editors of Encyclopedia Dramatica, I do not think he is actually a pedophile, just stunted in a way that he may give off that vibe to some.  If he is a certain infamous “troll” we know from the old days of the internet when Usenet was more popular, he functioned quite well with an adult female; a very self hating and reportedly unattractive, fat adult female at a house party, after literally years of concern trolling fat acceptance newsgroups.  I guess he was negging them.

He was outed as a hypocrite then because he has no self control and ultimately betrayed a few people, and got others into, let’s just say a little more trouble than they bargained for.  A mistake he and/or his fellow “trolls” repeated in the Lady Raine incident, he dragged someone’s child into the campaign, and spread it off-Usenet.  This is probably where some of the pedo reputation came from.  One of his team said that they wished someone’s child would be molested, and he supported that.  In the Lady Raine incident, he posted photos of her son in his blog with predictions about his sexuality.

Still, if he could get it up for that not so exemplary example of womanhood, he is not seriously looking at young girls.  The grumbling about the age of consent is likely part of the overall nostalgic naivete about things being better for (European) men in the past, when it was more common for women to marry in their teens.

Because the connection has been made between him and this old core group of “trolls”, I have to concede that I was fooled, not knowing who he was at the time, into taking him more seriously in this and other topics.  However, I will no longer compound the mistake by considering anything he has ever said as stemming from legitimate, albeit crazy-logic based concern for truth.

Apparently, all of the legitimate game advice on his site comes from the experiences and wisdom of Roosh V.  He may not be the nicest guy, or the best person, and he may even stretch the limits of the definition of personhood, but he knows how to get poosy, and actually did the work.  Roissy/CH is just your run of the mill internet addict, just one of the hold-outs who persistently failed to get a life.  Nothing he says matters.  He has no principles except being a bad caricature of an attention whore with NMS.

"White Nationalism"In 2014, most likely in an effort to get more attention, and rebel street cred, he came out of the closet as a “white” nationalist.

Not knowing who he was at the time, I was actually a little surprised by how it all went down.  He became unhinged during a fairly normal exchange between myself and a serious nutbar who I thought was a troll, but was apparently actually welcome.  Even not knowing who he was, that was my cue to back away slowly.

So the main topic of the CH now is fear of a Black penis.  Like most of this sort, his whole premise of “white” superiority is based on the myth that Europeans are more feminist and docile.  Basically, he’s saying that “white” people are the best pussies, so they’re better than everyone else.  He calls for the “white” man to rise up and kill or enslave all the non pussy races so they can create the great “white” pussocracy where “white” men are forced to only shag “white” women, and nobody else, even if they’re not “white”, is allowed to even express that they’d like to shag, much less marry, anyone else.

Though this mentality is typical of “white nationalists”, he is not a “white” nationalist, but just a troll who will say whatever he needs to get attention, and don’t forget to donate.

Apparently, my first impression of him was correct, just missing a few vital bits of information that would have kept me away from there in the first place.  I have no regrets though.  Some of the commenters who were there in the early days were sincere, and helped me to get my head together.  Some of his sane commenters at the time (who have all either left or only stick around to laugh at the pathetic) saved the blog for awhile, but the scent of loser has now gotten too thick.  Even some actually “white” nationalist commenters could no longer abide the wretching of the wretched there.

Heartiste has, I guess, decided to take the easy road to “alpha” status, and become the king of the utterly repellent.  I hope that works out for him.

Updated January 3, 2016

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  1. Nicole! I’ve missed you.

    Many people called him on that one. I’m glad people could see beyond the bullshit. I’m happy because he certainly made my BP rise for a good 15 minutes. I think he added that to up his hits as well as to garner himself a bit of fame. SMH, anything for 15 minutes of fame. I suspect that he is a bit of hipster, in some hipster circles racism is the new cool.

  2. Hey Chic Noir 🙂

    Whatever his motivation is, I can’t really be too concerned about. I don’t really care why he said it, but that he said it. I assume that it’s because he believes it. Guys here in Israel in large numbers believe it too, and because of it, I’ve been in more than my fair share of physical fights here. So has my 15 year old daughter.

    A boy in her class was calling her a slut/whore and accusing her of having done things with another boy in her class because he’s disabled and she’s defended him from bullies. So she gave him a bloody nose and a black eye. I hate to think how it would have been for her if she wasn’t as strong and combat trained as she is.

    Roissy is obviously an idiot on the level of the kid who insulted my daughter, and the guys who grope me and get similar treatment. I doubt he has the self control to fool anyone into a situation where they’d know him long enough to care whether or not he thought they were a slut.

    The guys to be worried about are the ones like two of my ex boyfriends who harbor these beliefs, yet hide them until a year or more later into the relationship, it slips out. This is why it’s almost a good thing he said it. It’s nice to know where we stand with people. Wouldn’t want anyone to be fooled into thinking this kind of racism didn’t exist in the U.S. anymore.

    Apparently, the struggle is still on, and we still have to be twice as good as everyone else to get half the respect. I kind of have a nietzschean view of that sort of thing. The more they bash us, the stronger we must be, and therefore the stronger we become.

    But now you see why I’m in no big hurry to get back to the U.S. I’d rather have fist fights than stealth skinheads.

  3. The guys to be worried about are the ones like two of my ex boyfriends who harbor these beliefs, yet hide them until a year or more later into the relationship, it slips out.
    Very true. I think that’s another reason why many sisters hesitate to date out.

    Apparently, the struggle is still on, and we still have to be twice as good as everyone else to get half the respect.
    You know it.
    I kind of have a nietzschean view of that sort of thing. The more they bash us, the stronger we must be, and therefore the stronger we become Agreed. I think it’s one of the reasons African-American women are so hated as a group, our strength as a group can be intimidating no men of all races and non Black women.

    but that he said it. I assume that it’s because he believes it.
    Nicole, I doubt if he believes “Blk women are sluts” from personal experience since most sisters are hesitant to even go there with a non black man. It’s not like he has the good- looks of Janka, so he was really reaching with that comment. At most, he learned this from older male relatives, rap music, and maybe a few sell out *friends* or Black men who don’t like the idea of Black women dating out. I’m willing to bet that most of the men don’t buy his explanation because to many men both Black and non black spoke out against it.
    As you said, words uttered by idiots like Rose, can have a major impact on our lives. I’ve seen a guy call a woman a slut in public and the type of impact it had amongst the men in the vicinity. The guys started to undress her with their eyes as soon as the word was uttered. SMH, I was very afraid for her safety and spoke up in her. defense

  4. The blind spot that prevents him from ever being mistaken for a natural Alpha is that he’s an ego parasite. His ego is off the charts. I notice that a number of men who visit his blog are not that happy with the way he “teaches” game.

    His whole sense of self worth revolves around how many hot chicks he can shag
    Sad but true. Like you said, most of his conquests are probably very thin low self esteem women and not much else going for them. The average woman who loves herself can smell the douchbaggery emanating from his pores a male away and will run like hell.

  5. You were right to do so. Being labelled as a slut is a safety issue in any place that hasn’t advanced to the point where it’s considered just descriptive of a personal opinion on the level of “ugly” or “stupid”. It’s a epithet that is often a precursor for some form of violence, and at least implies that the person shouldn’t have freedom of choice.

    In some of the responses, that is clear through guys saying that “I do, but not with you,” makes them angry. A woman should have a choice in who she has sex with. Even if 100 guys came before, if 101 doesn’t suit her taste, she has a perfectly legitimate cause to deny entry. It’s her prerogative. Even a prostitute should have the right to deny clients who she doesn’t feel like seeing.

    Some guys have a problem with the idea of a woman having freedom and choice because they don’t want to do the work it takes to be chosen. Game helps as a social lubrication, but at the end of the day most of what a guy has to do to get laid is not be a wuss. The problem is that they have trouble getting hold of the maximum 10% of women the television has told them are the only ones worthy of having a sex life. They have to make up some reason to devalue the rest, and well, I suppose shaming them as sluts will do for them.

    …but ick, I feel so dirty wallowing in so much negativity the past couple of days. I’m getting back to writing empowering articles, and will let Roissy enjoy the fruits of his internet karma.

  6. I am guessing that some Men seam to think with something else than their brain – time for them to get their head out of their pants.

  7. White man makes blanket statement, news at 10. Stuff like this is absurb, just leave those trolls alone and their visits will dwindle along with their desires to voice their opinion

  8. Roissy is just a sad and cocky SOB. He will realize one of this days that his BS psychology tricks can be applied only to lonely and low self esteem women.

  9. Thats the problem with the internet, everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about. With freedom of speech comes some responsibility, in my opinion. Just because you can spread and say hurtful remarks, doesnt mean you should.

  10. Yikes, now that is just disturbing, from reading the title I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but this it’s just crazy how people write stuff and then hide behind a computer and think it’s “ok”.

  11. Wow, that is a pretty narrow minded person to say that all black women are sluts…

    BTW – congrats on the weight loss. You need to post another picture. 🙂


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