The Satanic Witch

Witchy Woman The Satanic Witch is a book written by Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.  It is a manual on the art of seduction for women, and goes into lesser magic like fortune telling and potions.

The basis of most of the advice revolves around a sort of personality clock, that illustrates the spectrum of types.  At 12 o’clock are dominant/masculine/fire types.  At 3 o’clock, the intellectual/air types.  At 6 o’clock, we have the passive/feminine/water types, and at 9 o’clock, the social/earth types.  To successfully seduce and/or keep a man interested, he says one must know which type he is at his core, and at least appear to be its natural compliment, which is its opposite.

After he explains the basics, he goes into how to make it work.  Before you think you’re off the hook and all you have to do is “be yourself”, he makes it very clear that appearance is everything.  Well, not everything, but the most important thing, because men are visual first.  So even though it’s true that if you want to find your natural match, it’s good to be yourself, if there is a conflict between how you look and who you are, you have a serious problem.

The good news is that with some adjustments, you can bring your appearance in line with who you are, or in line with the desires of who you want.

Despite its somewhat scary title, I believe that it’s a good book for any woman who wants to understand the art of seduction.  It needs to be read very carefully though.  Many women who read it miss the most important thing the man says, and that is that there are many types, not just one.  You should pick one and look, sound, smell, feel, and cook like it.

The vampire type is just one example that he describes.  This is merely a template for the things a woman should take into consideration in crafting her look.  Others should opt for different makeup, body language, voices and styles of dress that take advantage of classic aesthetics and the Law of the Forbidden.

For instance, if your target is an intellectual dominant, and you’re an earthy feminine or trying to look like one, your actions should speak louder than your look.  You should consider an earthy red lipstick instead of bright red, and look more like a belly dancer than a Geisha.  The “debutante” look is more attractive to the earthy dominant type, who needs a woman to compliment his social life.  You’d need to look intellectual-feminine.  So your palette should be pastels and pinks.  The starkly feminine Geisha look is best when you are in pursuit of a pure, molded from magma dominant.  Note that Geishas are made up when they’re young, but earn the privilege to go without the heavy makeup when they are older.

Another thing to take into consideration when reading The Satanic Witch is that it was published back in 1971.  A lot has changed since then, most importantly that there are now two sub-generations since the “sexual revolution”.  In western cultures, due to a shortage of strong male role models, there is a conflict between many men’s desired selves and core or “demonic” selves.  Because of this, many may be unaware of their own motives or why they desire what they desire.  They may be hiding even from themselves.

In an age of feminized men, or rather men who are programmed to be feminine and have feminine priorities in partner shopping, there is a danger of mistakenly conforming to the man’s supposed self rather than his actual self.  Worse, even if you match his actual desires, he may reject you because you don’t meet the standard that most men are socially and culturally herded towards.

The favored appearance of the current age is about 10 o’clock on the Synthesizer Clock: an earthy dominant.  She is the busty but super-slim (read minimally feminine), socially dominant woman who “everybody” wants to shag.  Yet the personality type men claim to favor is the earthy or intellectual feminine.  This is what I refer to as the “unicorn” since the body and personality seldom exist together in anyone over the age of 19-23.

Understanding this, men can get a great deal of understanding of women from The Satanic Witch as well.  Since most of the writing on Game is geared towards seducing women of the 9-12 o’clock physical (and matching personality) type, men learn to behave like 3-6 o’clock males in order to outwit and seduce them by using their better understanding of feminine wiles to render them helpless to resist (not really helpless, but at least less hostile). 9-3 o’clocks are more apt to have sex for the sake of it, so the more fluid and intense male has a distinct advantage over the blunt earthy or esoteric intellectual dominant male in seducing earthy dominant women.

It is, to say the least, an interesting read.

Making it Work in Real Life

Once you know what kind of man you’re trying to attract, or have chosen a specific one, you will need to choose an iconic look to reel him in.  These days, your behavior is still important, but only inasmuch as you aren’t pushing him away.  Feminine women with good manners who are socially affirming to men of varying levels of socioeconomic status are so rare that you have few worries of competition that do not have to do with looks and sexual fetishes.  So here are some sites that can help you craft your iconic look.

Charlotte Tilbury, How to Get the Look – a collection of instructional videos on makeup looks from the Bardot to the Vixen.

The Iconic – whoever the buyer is for this online store has a very good eye, and stocks reasonably priced but unforgettable outfits.  When you’re browsing, don’t just look at the item, but the whole outfit the models are wearing.

Which famous seductress are you most like? – a PlayBuzz quiz that may be helpful in crafting your look.

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