Why a Man Should Want to Take Care of You

The realities of life and the economy don’t always support a traditional family situation, but a man should at least want to be the primary breadwinner for the same reason you should want to be able to be home to raise your children.

He should not want you to have to be out in the streets working for someone else, who will in many ways take time and attention priority over him.

He should not want you to have to dress sexy under the guise of maintaining a professional image, to be leered at by your boss and other male coworkers.

He should not want you to be walking around looking like you need anything, be that money or sex, from another man.

…for the same reason you should not want to entrust strangers with the care of your children.

If a man does not want to take care of you, does not want to be the one providing the things you need from a man, does not want to maintain his exclusivity in providing for your and your children or future children’s needs, then he is not interested in being your man.  He is only interested in being your room mate, and does not deserve the authority that men who at least want and strive to be the man should have in your life.

So long as you are holding up your end, he should hold up his.

Sex is not an equal or even exchange of “services” between men and women.  Women are at higher risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease if he has been uncareful about who he has been with.  Women also catch infections more easily from sex, especially if any of the activity was unsanitary.  Women can get pregnant, and pregnancy is traumatic to the body regardless of whether the woman carries to term.  A miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy can happen. Women are scarred for life in a very unaesthetic way by caesarean sections.

If we must take the pill because our partner doesn’t wish to use condoms, we run a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.  If we opt for barriers and spermicide, we are suffering some irritation that could lead to infections or trigger allergies.

Women have a shorter time of being optimally physically attractive.  Most of us are not ideally “hot” to begin with, and the time is ticking until the age of 30 when most of us have already begun to show signs of aging and markedly reduced fertility.  We do not have years to waste on a man who is not going to be the man.  Many today think they have that option and then find themselves reduced to a casual-only prospect by most men with options by the end of their twenties.

Whatever time we give to a man is precious, and we do not get it back.

We are not generally as strong or as combat fit as men by a long shot.  Our bones are lighter, and we are more fragile.  It is the price of having lots of estrogen.  We are taking a risk of physical injury or death just being in physical contact with a man.  If he is uncareful or uncaring or hostile, we have little or no chance of escaping unharmed.  So when a woman is in a room alone with a man, she is showing him a great deal of trust.  She is banking on his benevolence.

Today, most women are being encouraged to abandon their traditional and often natural role as mothers and home managers.  We are also now discouraged from being actually pretty, as opposed to dressing to flaunt sexual availability.  So when a woman is actually doing the woman thing by being feminine, modest, mindful of her grooming, nurturing, and resourceful, she is showing a remarkable level of resistance to negative cultural programming.  She is doing the woman thing despite its being currently unfashionable.  She deserves a man who is doing the man thing despite its being labeled as controlling and chauvanistic.

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