G4G’s Guide to Vaping for Women

ecig E cigarettes or vaporizers are gaining popularity as a lesser evil compared to smoking.  They make a water vapor instead of smoke, but it’s thick enough that you can still make “smoke” rings with it.  It’s less disturbing to non smokers around you, smells a lot more pleasant, and though it’s still not 100% safe, it is considerably less toxic.  Though the research still hasn’t proven so, it will probably also age you less quickly because of lower toxicity, less damage to the lungs, and no soot sticking to your skin.

I do not recommend non smokers starting to vape, but if you are currently a smoker, it is a better and sexier alternative.  The sexier is especially true if you are into steampunk, cybergoth, or anachronist to the point where you’d carry around a small portable nargilah if you could.

Many things have changed since this article was first written, so I’ve updated it for the situation in 2019.

For awhile, there were rumors that e cigs were no better, and maybe even worse than regular ones, but those were disproven.  Then there were reports of explosions of batteries, but these almost always happened because people didn’t follow normal battery safety rules.  Then a few people using “bootleg” equipment and liquid got horrible lung diseases. Most were using non medical THC liquids, but a couple were using badly mixed nicotine ejuice.

It is very important to buy your supplies from reputable sources. Don’t use any homemade mixtures that were not made by someone who is a licensed pharmacist. Someone who hasn’t had the training to make mixtures for vaporizers will not know what they are doing, and probably doesn’t have the equipment to get it right. Of those who got messed up, most got fat globules in their lungs, and some got what looks like burnt residue from the wrong proportion of glycerine.

I have a list of reputable sellers in the links and resources page here.

The only online store that I would class as a one-stop-shop for simple and feminine e-cig supplies right now is FastTech.  They take Paypal, offer free economy shipping for many products, and don’t overcharge.  They also have a good selection of products suitable for all levels, and cute stuff both for women who are advanced and into rebuildable atomizers and mods, and those who prefer a compact “cigalike” style.  They also differentiate between generic, and branded authentic products.  If any of that ever changes, I will let y’all know.

Other stores are great for the more high end equipment, but FastTech is the only place I’ve seen that consistently stocks things beginners can feel comfortable with at a reasonable price.

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