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G4G 2020

As 2019 draws to a close, I thought that it’s about time to update the site with what I and others in my circle of webmasters, spiritual counselors, and opinionated friends around the world have learned since 2008.

I first built this website during the death throes of what had been the actual alternative right. Originally, it was mostly comprised of survivors of fascism or such disguised as communism, U.S. displacement and reservation systems and/or blood quotient issues, Jim Crow, redlining, etcetera; the many ways that a government attempts to control, neutralize, or exterminate people they consider inconvenient. Some were indeed separatists and ethnonationalists in that they considered their ethnicity a sort of nation that deserved a degree of autonomy and protection. However, there were also those who considered their belief system or some other aspect of their lifestyle deserving of similar protections. The thing was that “alt right” used to mean anyone of any ethnicity who advocated for greater autonomy or less government interference in things like how they practiced their faith and passed culture to their children, so long as no one was being harmed.

But then Trump happened. Slowly but surely, starting in about 2014-2015, the “alternative” was removed and the “alt right” was hijacked by the regular old right. In hindsight we understand that our mistake was not making it clear enough that the alternative meant left leaning. We may have believed in greater autonomy and smaller government, but that meant whittling government down to the features that served the people. We may have been capitalist in the sense of supporting business and rewarding individual innovation, but the prosperity generated was to be put back into the people, not dead ended with wealth hoarders.

Whiney Americans who identify as “white” and believed that they were victims because people weren’t happy with kissing their butts, became the most vocal faction even though they had previously been considered outliers because they profit from the systems the rest were fighting.  They got the most media attention, so the rest had to back away slowly from that label so as not to be associated with them.

Now the genuine alternative folks and many younger people who wouldn’t think of themselves as any kind of right, are the more warrior oriented fighters of fascism. They are called the radical left, but as someone once said, “Being a decent human being seems radical to the inhumane.”

So this site wears a different label than it used to in the past decade. Some call it “maternal feminist”. I prefer Africana Womanist. It is afrocentric without making a point of afrocentrism since that is simply keeping things in the context of historical accuracy and natural science based thinking.

Rather than hiding from the fact of postmodernism, as the false dichotomy based American political movements do, we prefer to keep it real around here. The women, androgynes, nonbinary people, trans people, non human persons, and men who contribute to this site hope that we can help improve your relationships. We hope that we can shield you from some pain, and help you face others with the fierceness the situation deserves. We don’t presume to have all the answers. We hope to help you find your own and what works for you.

As we proceed into the next decade, we hope that it will be a better one than the last. If not, we hope that anyone who reads this site survives it well.

Blessings and Ashé!

Sis. Nicole Tanit Nefertaueret Lasher (Mamasan)

About Mamasan

I'm a multifaith spiritual counselor with lots of experience assisting people with improving their relationships. Feel free to comment on the site or contact me if you have an issue you'd rather discuss privately.

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