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facesWe’re pretty easygoing here, and don’t believe in over-moderation.  However, there is some behavior that doesn’t sit well with us, and takes away from the quality of the conversation.

Feel free to disagree with the writers or other commenters, but please avoid name-calling and personal attacks that don’t have much to do with the topics.  The webmatron reserves the right to delete cyber slap-fights.  I also reserve the right to let some things fly because it might be an ugly debate, but it’s a useful debate.

Also, because it’s a bit annoying and a waste of time to bother sorting things out that are easily solved by scrolling up, we delete posts from commenters who trash the articles, but didn’t read them.  If you can’t be arsed to read the whole post then don’t bother commenting.

Basically, though it is a somewhat “right” site compared to most other dating sites, it’s not the new right or alt-right that is actually emo-right.  We believe in community, tradition, and that societies should promote family life, and we don’t care if those families are heterosexual, homosexual, poly, or whatever.  So long as the people love each other and the children are protected and educated to survive the perils of this world, we’re cool.

We do understand however, that not everybody agrees on what constitutes a healthy family life.  Though consenting adults should have the right to do as they please with each other, everybody can be criticized, and nobody on Earth is entitled to be liked.  So everybody in discussions here should bear that in mind.  All good people are on a quest to maintain and improve…to be stronger and yet more humane…to have harmonious societies and humanity.  Let’s all bear that in mind.

Because this site is geared towards women, we don’t like the overly aggressive, fatalist tone found in most of the manosphere.  This is the womansphere.  You can call us maternal humanists because we are pro motherhood and believe in protecting and uplifting of people regardless of gender.  Some would class us as maternal feminists, but I’d say this is a bit of a stretch. We’re more accurately africana womanist, but being afrocentric is basically being humanist with a love for historical accuracy. So there is no pressing need to use the term as a buzzword, which would, in my opinion, cater too much to the “white” narrative that being African or being a person of any ethnicity who is afrocentric enough to accept reality, is somehow strange or exceptional in this world. I do however, reserve the right to, when I and other African women deem it necessary or even just hilarious, dig the facts into the kidneys of “white” supremacists. I do take some joy in seeing them suffer because of the equivalent of the Sun rising.

We believe that a person can learn and grow, and turn away from harmful, destructive behavior, especially if their core values are positive and creative.  So our tone is more on the side of self improvement, and less on the side of condemnation.  We know there are crappy people in the world.  So let’s be solution oriented and make the world and its people less crappy.

So on the one hand, sometimes we know there is going to be conflict or no way to express something but negatively, but on the other, please at least try to keep things productive.




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