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Dr. Eli Solomon – medical doctor specializing in fertility, human
sexuality, sexual culture in the middle east, and fitness and weight management.

Ilya – state of the dating scene correspondent.

Arden Keren – spiritual counselor, Master of Asian Studies, and androgyne (Two-spirit) providing a balanced perspective on male/female issues as well as homosexuality in a balanced context.


  1. Wow…..a blog written by women about men that actually makes sense. This is amazing.

  2. hi, this is saurabh samele from india,

    currently i have company which is doing business in software developemet. my life is going frustated as i say i had love but she dumped me, and after breakup i was trying to get fall into love but it didn’t happen, becoz that time i never stay without sex, yet time i dont have love.

    please suggest me how can handle mine situation and now i am only 24 years,

    please do not post publicly this responce mail.


    saurabh samele


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