New Masculinity Syndrome

New Masculinity Syndrome (NMS) is a term coined by spiritual counselor Arden Keren, meaning a collection of dysfunctional thought and behavioral patterns typical of human males who have bought into misandry or been brainwashed by misandrists.  Whether by choice or upbringing (usually upbringing by a woman with Fractured Femininity Syndrome in the case of modern western men currently under 50 years of age), they fear and hate masculinity and their own manhood, and do as much as possible to avoid…

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The Satanic Witch

Witchy Woman

The Satanic Witch is a book written by Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.  It is a manual on the art of seduction for women, and goes into lesser magic like fortune telling and potions. The basis of most of the advice revolves around a sort of personality clock, that illustrates the spectrum of types.  At 12 o’clock are dominant/masculine/fire types.  At 3 o’clock, the intellectual/air types.  At 6 o’clock, we have the passive/feminine/water types, and at…

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Alpha Penicillin: How to Get Over Him

Part of the reality of a preference for manly men is that at times it seems like volunteering for pain.  Unless they’re very socially independent, they are vulnerable to the new male hypergamy or “trading up”.  Sometimes they’re extremely socially independent to the point of narcissism and/or sociopathy, and you don’t find out until you’re already emotionally invested. If you played your cards right, you didn’t sleep with him without a commitment.  If you did, or if you got into…

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